Paul F. Scully

Service Award

Jay Wallace

Forensic Specialist Jay Wallace of the Bridgeton Police Department (Ret.) is shown with the Paul F. Scully Service Award which was presented to him at the 14th Annual Educational Conference held in Cape May, NJ, October 22-25, 2000.

Jay has served as a NJ Division Vice President, President, Chairman of the Board and formerly served as a Board Member. He also served on the Planning Committee for the hosting of the International Conference held in Atlantic City, N.J. Jay also served on the International IAI Membership committee. He handles the good of the order chores of the State Division.

Jay was an IAI Certified Latent Print Examiner and a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst. He retired from active duty with the Bridgeton Police Department in 1998.

* Jay passed away March 1, 2004 after a lengthy illness. We remember, with fondness and admiration, his dedicated service to the NJ-IAI.