Board of Directors

The NJIAI Board of Directors is the managing body of the Division and act as an advisory committee to the President. The Chairperson of the Board is the immediate past President, and the Vice President is also a voting member. The Board of Directors has the power to conduct hearings concerning any member of the Division upon any charge by any other member affecting the member’s ethical conduct. The Board of Directors, by way of vote, has the authority to excel, suspend, censure, or admonish such members found guilty of violations.



Kevin Parmelee, PhD
NJ Institute of Technology


First Vice President
Katherine O’Connell
Ocean County Sheriff Office


Board Members


David Fisher, M.S., ABC-GKE, FAAFS
Professor of Practice
Director, Forensic Science Program
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Lt. (Ret.) Barry Jansen, CLEP
BMJ Associates

Tamar Lerer, Esq.
NJ Office of Public Defender

Jennifer Sellitti, Esq.
NJ Office of Public Defender

Dr. Kevin Belfield, Dean
College of Science and Liberal Arts
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science
Becton Dickenson Research Professor, AAAS Fellow
New Jersey Institute of Technology